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" (and that straight white men’s rights activists have no interest in actually addressing)" Actually, aside from this part I completely agree with all those points. The problem isn't really men, the same way that it's not women or white vs black, straight, gay, bi or trans. The problem is human nature. Greed, avarice, ego and self-important thinking which we are all susceptible to. Not us vs them, "our problems are worse than yours" etc. We all have to work together against it everywhere.


This is a nice sentiment but it ignores how power is concentrated in society (and how history affects this concentration).

As Mitt Romney and the American conservative establishment found out the hard way, you can never make your goals a reality if you don’t have an accurate picture of what reality currently is.

You can never make your goals a reality if you don’t have an accurate picture of what reality currently is.

Actually, if you remove women hating men (misandry) from feminism, feminism has nothing left.





Manslation: I can’t actually conceive of a world in which men aren’t constantly at the center of everyone’s attention.

ya cuz ya know that’s like the women’s place! how dare those walking dildos take the attention women rightfully deserve lmao

Yeah, because women fighting for women’s rights are like TOTALLY so selfish LOL!

Oh did I hit the Clit? I’m sorry baby

"Did I hit the clit"? What kind of comeback is that? lol

There’s no way this person is older than 13… or knows how to locate a clitoris


i lost these drawings when my computer broke, but i want to draw them again bc WOW senshi looking dangerously hot

WOW yes please do, these are amazing

Refresher Course in Consent


I woke up to a bunch of notifications from Tumblr about the last post that Shannon addressed late last night. 

Including the one from the giant manbaby who thinks consent is apparently bullshit and that we just need to learn to take criticism better. (Pro tip: it’s not criticism you’re giving, pal. You’re effectively negating the existence or need for asking for consent. Hope you feel good about that.) 

So here’s a crash course in consent: 

  • Giving/getting consent is not just limited to putting your peen in someone’s hoo haw. Our bodies are our own. Anytime we are interacting with another person’s body we should be getting consent. That includes non-sexual touches like hugs, back rubs, hair touching, rubbing a pregnant woman’s belly, etc. 
  • There is nothing inherently unsexy about consent. If you think asking someone before touching them is somehow a boner killer, you’re doing it wrong. 
  • Implied consent does not exist. Consent either is or isn’t. 
  • While a couple may settle into a pattern of kissing without asking for explicit consent over time and at various comfort levels, if you’ve never done something with someone before it’s a very good idea to check in before you do something. If you wouldn’t finger someone’s butthole without asking first (and seriously, you really should check in before doing that unprompted) then you shouldn’t smash your face into theirs without asking. 
  • Everyone is into different things. We get that. Maybe explicitly asking for consent is a turn off for you and your partner. That’s fine. We’re not trying to micromanage your sex life. What we ARE trying to do is normalize the idea of every day consent and empower people to expect to be asked before touched. This is an active push against rape culture. 
  • When you say things like “I would never ask someone before touching them/hugging them/kissing them” what you are effectively saying is “I don’t care about consent or anyone else’s bodily autonomy. I am a selfish brat who thinks I am owed physical affection whenever I want it.” No bueno. 

I hope this clears up some misconceptions about consent.

Consent is constant and required every time, for every act. Consent is never a given. Consent is not coerced or negotiated. 

Remember kids: ONLY yes means yes. 


I mean, you explicitly acknowledged in that ask that not everyone expects or requires their partner to verbally ask for consent for each and every act and that that’s fine (especially if there’s an established pattern of affection between partners), so I don’t get why that bucket of grease felt the need to inject his useless opinion into your perfectly sensible advice directed at one particular user.

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Glad I could be of help! Anyway, when you're done with your decklist, would you mind letting me take a look? I'm always looking for ways to improve my Marchessa build! (: Also, what's the concept of your deck? Mine focuses on "borrowing" a creature via Act of Treason effects, triggering dethrone, then saccing the creature before my end of turn, returning it to my battlefield and letting me keep it. (:

Sure, here’s my list. Proud to say it works waaaay better than my original build and I now have most of the cards for it, though the rest of the cards I need are relatively pricey. Probably my scariest EDH deck that I use.

The first few paragraphs probably already say this, but it focuses on a couple of things: first, lots of artifacts. The Arcbound creatures are just too good with Marchesa out. The non-artifact creatures either offer utility (e.g. Puphoros and Flayer of the Hatebound), or they can put +1/+1 counters on themselves easily (e.g. Olivia Voldaren and Grimgrin). Second, the focus is more on the staying power Marchesa gives my board than relying on Dethrone. Oh, you want to drop Wrath of God? Go ahead. Of course, when I can get Dethrone triggers it’s great (that’s what stuff like Moltensteel Dragon, Unspeakable Symbol, pain lands, shock lands, etc. is for) but it’s not a necessity.

I’ve heard of people abusing Insurrection et. al. in Marchesa, and it seems like a pretty damn good strategy. It kind of reminds me of Memnarch though, in that it’s really no fun playing against a deck that steals your creatures repeatedly or indefinitely (and that’s why I run a Homeward Path in almost every deck).